Liturgy of the Faithful – Part 2

Hey everyone!

We are just about finished with the Liturgy, great job! We went over the rest of the Liturgy of the Faithful up until the Fraction, which we will go over next time.

We covered the following sections:

  • The Seven Short Litanies
  • The Commemoration of the Saints
  • The Diptych (Prayer for the Departed)

A “litany” is a prayer. The seven short litanies are seven prayer for specific things, prayers on the following things:

  1. Peace for individuals and the Church as a whole
  2. Fathers 
  3. Clergy
  4. Mercy
  5. Place
  6. Seasons 
  7. Oblations (sacrifices)

Why do we start praying now for all the things that we need? We pray because Christ is now truly with us, on the altar in front of us. It is important for us to be praying not just for ourselves but for others and our world. Without peace, there would be no love or happiness. Without our church Fathers and Clergy, we would have no Communion, Liturgy, or direction in our spiritual lives. Moreover, praying for mercy upon us and others, the place we live in, the weather and crops, as well as the sacrifices we offer (both of the bread and wine as well as our physical selves to God) are so important. We take these things for granted. We also pray for the salvation of the people in our town and really the whole world.

The next section is the Commemoration of the Saints. This is a long section where we mention a lot of saints’ names, and it sometimes can seem a little boring. That might be because we’re not seeing it the right way. Somebody asked me once why I smile during the Commemoration of the Saints. This is because we know that these very saints that we are mentioning are actually with us in this moment and are praying with us and for us. These great giants in Christianity, like the apostles, St. Mary, the archangels, the Church Fathers like St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril, St. Basil, etc. All of these people are really with us. I always wondered what it would be like to meet them in person, but I know what it’s like now because I meet them every Sunday! We talked about everyone’s patron saints during our last lesson. Think about who your patron saint is…your patron saint is actually standing with you and praying for you, right at your side. The priest puts a spoonful of incense in the censer at the beginning of the Commemoration of the Saints, which reminds us of our prayers being lifted up with the incense to the saints.

The last section we went over was the Diptych, or the Prayer for the Departed. We pray for people who have passed away at every Liturgy. It is actually very important that we pray for these people, even when they have passed away. The process from dying to going to Paradise has a lot of unknowns, and the least we can do is pray for our loved ones as they transition over. But we do not stop praying for them right after they pass away; we keep praying for them throughout our own lives on earth because we continue to give them love, comfort, and ask God to forgive them their sins as we lead up to the Judgment Day. Praying for our loved ones who have passed away is one of the most important things we can do and should never be neglected.

Coptic Letters

We went over 3 more Coptic letters this time! We learned Seema, Tav, and Epsilon:

That’s all! Remember, we will be testing for the Psalm of the Month on February 5th! You can find the psalm in last session’s post!


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